About the project

A Russian developer of data protection and backup software



The amount of sales through the own site is minimal. All traffic, even branded traffic, gets "eaten" by resellers.

Project Task

It is necessary to develop and run an advertising campaign aimed at lead generation from B2B customers. The sales process is quite long, with several touches within the funnel. The company regularly holds webinars, training events.

The decision-making cycle is not simple: the decision to buy rises from the technical specialist, to the head of the department and then falls on the shoulders of the director.

Therefore, the secondary task of Internet promotion was to increase the company's presence in the information field.


We’ve increased the site visits by 20% and doubled the incoming requests for demo-version of the product.

Clients gratitude

Vladimir Konstantinov, CEO




In only 6 months we managed to build a simple and transparent structure of Internet marketing, consisting of clear analytics and efficient advertising.



Генеральный директор


Landing pages, website, shopping cart are all different entities due to the fact that the sale of products is done through resellers. This made it difficult to collect the data correctly, so we had to redeploy all the analytics.

Scattered data had to be collected into one common analytics and at the same time avoid any confusion.

For that cause, we used cross-domain tracking via GTM, wrote guides and instructions for correctly connecting new entities to our analytics (webinar promo pages, other partner pages). In the course of the work, the decision came to use two GTMs in order to separate processes for web analytics and advertising activity. This allowed us to separate our own traffic from the partner's one without loosing track of anything.

Conversions of advertising


Explain the technical benefits of the product and be remembered as a suitable solution. To be included in the short list of tender participants.


The advertising campaign was launched on Facebook and Instagram, in Yandex and Google.


Allocated look-a-like to an audience with a high level of engagement and those who performed a conversion action. Through this, we increased the coverage of the advertising campaign by 20% and attracted the most suitable audience to the site.

Social network

The main KPI was the number of contacts with the audience and involvement in the study of information about the product on the client’s website.

Separately, we launched a retargeting campaign for all visitors to the community and the company's website.

Social media advertising doesn't sell complex B2B directly. Therefore, we decided to use it only to increase client recognition among the target audience, not the one that makes the purchase decision, but among technical specialists whose expertise is involved in solving problems in the field of backup and information protection.

During the advertising campaign on social networks, we reached about 100,000 users with an average touch frequency of 6.77. The CTR of the ads was 1.1%, and the CR for the source "advertising in social networks" was 1.47%.

2 x the leads

Contextual advertising

In 6 months of Yandex and Google contextual advertising campaign, the creatives have collected almost 300,000 impressions, 19,000 clicks and more than 300 qualified leads.

What we’ve done

KPI of advertising campaigns is the request for a trial version for evaluation and purchase of a product online on the site.

We processed more than 250,000 search queries, performed clustering, generated negative queries and, as a result, received 46 advertising campaigns, 12 of which were media campaigns.

Despite the outstanding result, the work on the project does not stop. We continue to launch new directions and test various hypotheses in order to expand the advertising campaign and optimize the existing activity.