Every element of the site design is carefully considered. The site came out both modern and reflecting the traditions of the cities it represents.


In addition to the emphasis on the visual part, a lot of work was done to organize a user-friendly interface.

The unfolding of the project into a service story added to the need to develop interfaces related to the full cycle of buying and working in a personal account. As part of this phase, all behavioral scenarios for all user groups were thought through and implemented: ordinary visitors, registered users, partner guides, sales managers.

Navigation menu option


At the time of initial development there were more than 10 variants of the same page for the various vendors.

Ticket booking


In fact, the project turned into an aggregator of excursions with useful information about the main attractions of the city; it abandoned the emphasis on the format of a periodical about the city.

Adaptive version


The site came out noble, stylish, and reflective of the traditions of the cities it represents.


Careful attention to detail - is a basic requirement for the work, because it is by the appearance of the site that users assess reliability and quality of service, often without even realising it.